The Montreal, Quebec artist and writer, littleuniverses aspires to be an artist with an ability to inspire through her craft and connect with an audience from all walks of life. She believes art’s connection to everyone subject to it is unique, and the way it strikes a chord is so deep to provide strength, solace, empathy, and joy, breathing life into all who experience it. littleuniverses needs art and music to feel complete. Whether writing poetry or creating visual art or music, she always felt she created little universes. She chose littleuniverses because, as a singer-songwriter, she strives to create immersive “little universes” that listeners enter when experiencing her music. These “littleuniverses” generate a dichotomy central to her brand: dark and ethereal, poetic and cinematic. Before becoming a full-time artist, littleuniverses had a career as a buyer in the fashion industry. During this time, she believed she could no longer pursue an artist career, and it was her destiny to be a businesswoman and start her own business. She worked full time, managed a team, and achieved a graduate degree simultaneously. She says, “There were so many internal conflicting signals as a woman in business who had reached a managerial role.” She felt she had to slice herself in two most of the time between the person who thrived on achieving results and the person who just wanted to feel. What was most missing was the very thing that completed her: art. littleuniverses thought her dreams of being an artist were over, so she would start her own fashion business with her drive and all the knowledge she had acquired. She realized the artistic dimension fashion buying brought and enjoyed the particular level of “fast-paced chaos” and fashion itself. But as much as she thrived working in fashion, she always felt like she was betraying herself by not singing as much as she would have wanted to. So much traveling was involved in this career choice that her music gradually transformed into soft acoustic songs, poetry, and visual art. After receiving her Graduate degree, she started to freelance and consult. Art slowly expanded into her universe as she spent more time painting, writing, and working on her music. She joined a community of artists in Montreal and started to share her poetry and music. This recalibration led to a Project Manager role in a web and graphic design firm and allowed her to shape her music at night. On New Year’s Eve 2018, littleuniverses decided to pursue her music career the following year. On her return to work in January 2019, she was assigned to revamp the website of Grammy Award winner Scott Jacoby. In a random turn of events, he learned upon finishing the project that littleuniverses also painted. It was at this point she confessed she was also a musician. She says, “I knew then that it was my destiny to go all in.” And she did. littleuniverses went on to work with Jacoby on a series of singles in 2019 and an EP in 2020. In February 2022 she was awarded a grant by the Canada Council for the Arts to create an album. On her debut album, launched February 10th 2023, littleuniverses enlisted the help of producer and musician Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Zola Jesus, Anna von Hausswolf, Myrkur), Arjan Miranda (Black Mountain), cellist and composer Brent Arnold.
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