Song-Before it Begins

It's not over before it begins.....

These words are part of the chorus of my song Before it Begins, a song about not giving up before even getting started.

littleuniverses before it begins

I completed Before it Begins after being forced to stop singing for a month because I had developed a cyst in my throat from coughing when my neighbor’s apartment burnt down (everyone was OK thankfully and the firemen made it on time! ). When the cyst in my throat healed, I felt extra grateful for all the good things in my life and even added in a little guitar solo to the song.

This song has a very stripped production, it features me and my electro acoustic guitar performing in my apartment. When I completed recording it, I started to daydream about Neil Young’s beautiful performance of Tell Me Why Live At Massey Hall in 1971. I loved how that song was just him and his guitar. It is one of the reasons why I just wanted this song to be so stripped down.

Before it Begins is the last song on Corners and I wrote it as a bilingual song (part French and part English) symbolically as a reminder to not give up on pursuing my dreams while being stuck in my Montreal apartment in 2020.