Song-Broken Dreams

These dreams are broken, they don't make sense anymore...

are the first lines of my song Broken Dreams which is the third song on Corners. I decided on the order of the songs from the sequence in which they were created. Broken Dreams is also the first song I wrote using my newly acquired Canyon delay guitar pedal.

CORNERS Broken Dreams

This song is written in freeform and has an epic/cinematic feeling. I wrote it one Thursday night after a long telephone conversation with my best friend. When we ended our call, I really felt the void of silence and darkness in my apartment. It was that feeling mixed with the topics of our conversation that made me think of David Lynch’s opening scene in Mulholland Drive and its long dark meandering road. I somehow felt overwhelmed with ideas and the lyrics and melody came to me in one giant wave. I think indirectly Prince’s song The Beautiful Ones mixed with Pink Floyd’s The Great Gig In The Sky had an influence on this song too. I listened to both those songs quite frequently at the start of the quarantine.