ISOLATION the song

Isolation is the first release off my upcoming EP Corners. It’s a song that explores the unraveling mental state of being subject to loneliness in isolation.

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LYRICS -Isolation-

I heard a knocking late at night
Got out of bed turned on the lights to see
I am afraid of me
I heard a voice calling my name
Swear it was yours but once again I was wrong
No one there but me
Wash until it bleeds
Blackout just to sleep
Cry to become numb
Numb to later feel
Feel just to be
Not afraid of us
Afraid to self-destruct
They come and go
Go as they please
Obsessions over what we cannot see
I am afraid of me
Reintroduce me to this life
I won’t harm but I’m holding a knife
I am afraid of me
And if I die alone
With no mouths to feed
I’ll still feel the warmth
Of my computer screen
Feeling to self-destruct
I fear to self-destruct
But there’s just one thing
To wash it off
Come close to me
Right before you left
Had no bruises on my knees
It was the sound of your breath

When I wrote Isolation I was quite deep into Haruki Murakami’s IQ84 and at that same time decided to explore as much news as possible on how the coronavirus effected society. What I discovered was all quite alarming, thought provoking and heartbreaking. I also remember reading this one article where news reporters wrote about how difficult it was for people to date during this quarantine. When I finished reading that article the song idea for Isolation came to me. I think something about that article mixed with the Sci Fi love story within IQ84 and my own personal situation inspired Isolation.

Isolation’s video will premiere on my YouTube channel, Apple music and SoundCloud on November 20th.

Corners will drop on December 4th.