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Judgment is a Black Metal duet between Zeke (frontman of Adorn16) and me. It is a song about playing with death for pleasure. It tells a tale about an insatiable need for thrills by living on the razor’s edge and pushing to a point of no return where souls rise to salvation or are judged to damnation.

At the early stage of our collaboration, when Adorn16 sent me the guitar stems for Judgment I felt inspired to create a song with a theme of pushing life to the edge. As a metal fan, I wanted to add to the dark atmosphere of the music with lyrics that create full immersion into a point of no return. I felt an interesting way to do so would also involve splitting the vocals seeing how Zeke’s are basically the opposite of mine. I liked the idea of this contrast as it plays with “dark and light”.

I constantly like to test my boundaries and believe that many of us do the same in our everyday. There is a particular thrill that arises from surpassing limitations that could be self inflicted, imposed upon us or simply just doing something new for the love of experiencing an adrenaline rush. Pleasure and pain. With this song I brought forth some of that essence except Judgment plays with what is supernatural. It explores a downward spiral of an addiction to getting a rush until a point of no return is reached.

What truly awaits at this place where human mortality and its limitations are confirmed? Can we live on the razor’s edge forever and expect to step into the light, or exist in a place of eternal horror?

Which brings me to share this interesting fact about Adorn16; Zeke has an excellent YouTube Channel where he not only talks about the metal scene in Azerbaijan but also features some great horror films.

Nuff said: below are the lyrics to song. It comes out Friday September 18th on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, Deezer etc.. or just come back to my site, I will have all links on my music page.


In covenant
Create pain
Bow down to meet your maker
Bow down to meet your maker

Walk the line
Follow it will take you
Walk the line
Take you to salvation
Play the pawn
Rest amongst the thorns
Will you survive

There is one bullet in the chamber
To give, To gain, To take away
In the light we are born
In the darkness we play to die

The path selected is the game
Roll with the wicked
Play the turn
Led by the demons

That you can no longer escape

Hang on tight
You’re in it for the ride
Aren’t you
Hang on tight
You’re in it for the ride
Aren’t you, aren’t you

Is this all there is?

Bow down to meet your maker
Bow down to meet your maker

Take me to salvation

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