Collaboration-Wanderlust EP

With the release of Wanderlust (a four track, plus two bonus track cinematic EP) approaching, I thought to shed some light on how this collaborative project between Paul Zambrano and myself came to be and why I was interested in performing and writing lyrics for such a cinematic music project.  

It all started in September 2020 when I was scrolling IG and came across a post advertising Paul’s instrumental album Death is Beautiful. I remember finding the title combined with the dramatic music very intriguing because of the strong associations and contrasts of words “death” and “beautiful” in the title.  I figured there must be a psychological/literary explanation behind the title. I liked that as a concept so I clicked and followed Paul’s profile.  

Soon after Paul DM’d me and wrote that he liked my single Back to Life and we started chatting. About a week later I released my black metal song Judgment and Paul his album Death is Beautiful. Come October 2020 we both understood that we shared a dark artistry when writing music. 

Then one evening, I can’t pinpoint when due to the murkiness of time passing in 2020, Paul DM’d me while I was recording some harmonies in my home studio and asked me if I would be interested in working on a cinematic style EP in 2021. I had never worked on this type of project before even if my own music is found to be quite cinematic. But what can I say, I like to experience the realm of human emotions through my music and it is my ultimate joy to be able to tap into feelings and “little universes”. I sensed this project would really allow for that. Hence, I was up for it and looked forward to what was in store. 

To conclude this brief introduction, the symbolism behind Paul’s instrumental album that so intrigued me in September was just as I thought: complex, dark and thought provoking. I believe that our collaborative EP Wanderlust possesses these same qualifiers but in the same way a phoenix rises from the ashes: I let my vocals really soar to new heights for these songs as the music lends itself for such interpretation.

I also reached a place that felt so raw and disheartening through my connection to the music. It was a wild ride to say the least especially since all of my recordings took place on the floor of my tiny closet. I’m 5’11 so basically living in an apartment and singing passionately into a microphone without disturbing the peace happens in this little place. I did the same for most of Corners. Sometimes my legs fall asleep for all the sitting on my feet and contortion. A form of artistic athleticism where I feel I am reaching gold standard in endurance 😉 

I will be writing more about its songs and the process in the upcoming weeks. 

Wanderlust streams on all digital platforms June 4th 2021.

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