Song-When The World Feels Small

When The World Feels Small-the song

When the World Feels Small (WTWFS) is a song on the upcoming EP that I have written lyrics to and perform on. Just like Wanderlust, it also has an acoustic piano version. When Paul composed the music for WTWFS he told me it was meant to send listeners down a path of tears and disappointment. In his words, he told me:

“This track is heavily influenced on our fear of abandonment coming into fruition, where everyone in our life leaves us, and we are feeling alone. Where there was once vibrant colour in our world, it is only filled with a grim black and white.  Our biggest dreams are just that…dreams, not reality, and painfully coming to terms with that. The middle section is huge and epic for a reason, we are pushing ourselves to move forward and be strong, but as soon as those strings come back in for the final act, we once again realize how alone we are, crying ourselves to sleep, with uncertainty that things will get better, or if there will be anyone and anything else to lift us up”. 

I used his explanation of WTWFS as my inspiration for the lyrics and similarly to Wanderlust, I wrote lyrics with double entendre that had elements of fantasy but also had the ability to be perceived in different ways depending on the listener. My intention was for the listener to be able to shape the meaning of the verses to their respective life experiences in the same way that poems can take on new meaning with the passing of time. I wanted this transformation to occur within WTWFS. Its lyrics elaborate on the themes in Paul’s quote above. 

littleuniverses wtwfs


Does time forgive
When it’s not our time to give us
Now there’s no turning back
I put my hand in the fire
I signed away in blood
I gave my heart with a spire
Now we sit in our corners
Seeking a vision to believe
We’ve got our lives to live
My place in yours but a myth
As are my dreams
As are my dreams
So many parts of me leave with you
Which one will you keep 
I saw the colours in full bloom
But now time has taken them away to

When the world feels small
When the world feels small

WTWFS drops June 4th on all digital platforms.